Friday, June 27, 2008


I started on a new job but I sure would like to have some away vacations maybe by the end of August. In my MBA I only have vacations o August, so I can only go away that month. I’ve been searching for destinies and I found one that it seems good and it’s not the most expensive ones (there are no cheap ones in August).
Tunisia is "the gateway for those who want to know the Arab world a" safe, bathed by the Mediterranean, with strong Islamic traditions but living in harmony with Western culture.
Tunisia has in recent years to have "a great acceptance by Portuguese tourists, was larger than usual" that why it is consider as an affordable destination to go on by Portuguese people.
It provides a quite holiday on the beaches of the coastline from Gammarth, Hammamet, Port El Kantaoui, through Sousse, Monastir until Mahdia, the adventure of crossing the desert of the Sahara which has its port of entry in Douz, is known for its culture and experiences as one country with strong Islamic traditions.
Some other charms of Tunisia to visit are the familiar blue windows and doors on a white background, as well as the Sidi Bou, a city where Muslim relic of art is required to drink a mint tea with pine nuts, or travel in time and go to Carthage visit the thermal baths of Antoninus and its archaeological remains.
I think I would like going there one day.


Nice article, I wish you a great vacation!!

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