Monday, August 11, 2008

Tourism pages

Here is a page very interesting for those who share the same interest in tourism as me:

Travel & Tourism - World Tourism Pages
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Summer Time

The summer is here, we have been feeling the heat for some time now. Feel heat? And the rain which we have been felt from time to time? Yes, nothing is as it was before. As the seasons changes, the quality of life changes too, as so many other changes. They are so many and unfortunately cause little improvement in our life, stability, health, etc. . etc. ...
How to live better? It seems difficult, but not quite. What is not in our hands to change, it’s automatically solved. We only need to change what’s in our hands.

Ex.: why losing time and bother thinking: if I knew....... But I did not know, therefore, how can I use that experience from now on? That's it.

Think: what might happen next year?
Summer brings good feelings and positive actions like: “I's time again to think about renewing the house” – you don't have to spend much money, sometimes you just to change the furniture or substitute some bibelots and put others in a drawer. I need to have a new look and change my hair” - one day you finally decide to do it once for all. Small things will make all difference and give you joy and happiness.

AND STOP! Spend, at least, 10 minutes of your day thinking about good things in life.Walk outdoors. If you live by the sea, walk over there and listen the sound of waves. There is nothing more relaxing than, by the end of a working day, going to see the sun almost setting and listening the sound of waves. It’s summer time, it’s time to be by the see.


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