Thursday, December 17, 2009


Are you a facebook user? Do you think it can bring us some advantages? Do you use it to work?
I use for both personal, to connect with my friend, to know the latest trends and what they are up to and use it also in my work. I have a facebook page for my agency and I find it to be a very useful marketing tool. Presently I don't have time to updated as often as I would like but one thing I now, with facebook I can reach lots of people and provide them updated information on last minute deals and packages.
Recently I found another great use of facebook. There is a possibility of buying and send iTunes Online Gifts, and there are plenty of choice for all tastes, they even have an iTune fan page. The not so good part, at least for me, is that it is only available for US users but I'll be patiently waiting for it to arrive in Europe.
Even thought I'm a fan already of the page and if you are a iTune fan you should check it out.

Holiday Season

Now it goes dark earlier and it smells like winter, shops have already Christmas items all over, If it was not for the hot sun during the day we could say that Christmas is knocking on our doors and we mostly realize that in shopping centers or in the evening when the weather stays a bit colder. Holidays season is coming and people start to feel the need to buy weight loss pills because with winter time and holidays pastries and sweets and hot chocolate and season cakes are coming and most people can’t resist it. Today I could not resist and I ate a pastry that I can only find in some places.

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