Monday, June 9, 2008

I Signed up for SocialSpark!

Social Spark a great community It combines paid reviews and a friend community. It’s great to share ideals, to generate traffic, to get your blog known and to advertise in your blog through it and the best thing is that you can win money doing all this because you have there a lot of opportunities to take paid reviews.

I found out about SocialSpark in one of my blog searches and I´ve decided to sign up because I saw there an opportunity to meet new people, to present my blog and to make new friends. At the beginning I did not have much time to browse and see all the functionalities it has, and only after two weeks I requested for my blog verification for that reason I’ve been waiting for my blog to be approved on Social Sparks for about 2 weeks. It was approved this weekendJ. Now that I took a little time (not much) to browse there a bit more I realized it is much better than I first realized. It’s a great community where I can meet a lot of people, and make friends (I had already some friend requests), but most of all I can find a great deal of very nice blogs that share the same interest as me. Having more friends give me the opportunity to have a better rank page thus leading me to have more opportunities in paid reviews. I’m finding it amazing. Most opportunities in SocialSpark are taken really fast but the good news is that you can apply for one and wait in a queue for it to be available to you.
Further more I have to say that Social Sparks is:
-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure -100% Transparency -100% Real Opinions -100% Search Engine Friendly
Thank you Social Spark for having my blog approved!

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SocialSpark is a very big community for sure, but I find it a little confusing!!

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