Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Spanish Language

As you all know Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. There are 22 Spanish speaking countries. For those of you who don’t know Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language next to English and Chinese. For that reason more and more people are willing to learn Spanish. Lots of Companies Worldwide are already requesting Spanish language skills workers and I believe it tends to grow.

Portugal isn’t different. We are just one step away from Spain but most people don’t speak the proper Spanish. They speak, the so called by the Portuguese people, “Portunhol” meaning this a mix between Portuguese and Spanish.

Spanish is a Latin Language and therefore similar to Portuguese. At least the grammar and sentence construction, for that reason it is still common in Portugal for people to think that they can speak fairly Spanish without learning. But that mentality is changing and nowadays they are more people trying to learn the correct Spanish.

For that reason I was contacted, as I learned Spanish in University, to teach the language 6 hours a week to some students. I’m not going to make much money but I’ll do a think I like

I think if we look at the numbers by itself it makes Spanish a good choice when wanting to learn another language. And you have plenty of reasons to do so. Through my understanding it is always good to learn another language as we start to have a better understanding of our own language (we have to understand our native in order to understand a foreign one) and also we can travel to others countries not worrying they will not understand us. You will enrich your culture, because by knowing their language you have to learn as well their culture. And so on…

I’ll leave a tip for those of you who might want to learn Spanish… There are plenty of Online Spanish courses for free. And if you need a help just let me know.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Today I decided to talk a little bit about my chosen name for my blog. SunSet.

The part of the day I like the most always was the late afternoon when the sun is setting, but is not only that the reason why I choose my name.

A couple of years ago I attended a sign language course for some months and I learned how to speak with signs. Through that I had a lot of contact with the deaf and heard of hearing and they need to call you some how,. They have to options: the first, they can spell you name with the sign alphabet, or they can give you a sign name according to what they think it suits you best. As it takes less time to have a sign name it is common between the deaf and hard of hearing community to (kind of) baptise the ones that spend some time with them. So my teacher and my course colleagues where searching a name that might translate into sign language a characteristic of my personality. They came to the name SUN because I always wear something glittering or shinny like the sun. Therefore combining my sign name with my liking of late afternoon I decided to name myself as Sunset.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Making Money Online

I've been finding solutions to make some extra money online. After surfing in the Net I've decided to take a chance with my blog.
Let's see if it's going to work out. Hope I'm lucky

Cheap, Homemade Food Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is just a few months away. Everybody on a tight budget is beginning to think about inexpensive christmas gift ideas to get to the Yuletide season without amassing more debt.

Here are some money-saving, homemade, Christmas gifts recipes for you to think about.

Bake a large batch of your favorite cookies. Set the cookies on a lovely plate, and use color cellophane to cover the entire package. Tie the cellophane at the top, using ribbon, and make a large bow. Homemade cookies are a great present anyone would enjoy, and the cost to you is minimal.

If you adore jam making, why not make one as a Christmas present? A small wicker basket should suffice and fill it with glass containers filled with your homemade jam. Decorate it with bows or ribbon. Put the jars in the basket and either decorate the basket with ribbon, or cover the basket with color cellophane and tie the cellophane at the top with ribbon. You can also add a special batch of delicious Oreos or cookies.

Candles are a great gift for anyone, and are inexpensive as well. Purchase about a dozen small scented candles and one or two candle holders. Put the candles and candle holders in a small basket. Cover the basket with colored cellophane, and tie the package at the top with different color ribbons.

With the winter months nearing, giving your friends gloves and a hat set is also popular. These sets come in a myriad of colors, fabrics, and styles. Glove and hat sets are a welcome gift by your friends or family members, and are easy on the budget as well.

Why not purchase picture frames? For instance, buy two each of a 3-1/2 by 5 inch; 4x5 inch and 5x5 inch picture frames. Decorate them with a bow at the top center of the frame, or in the center of the frame. This makes a simple craft idea for christmas presents

Here is another easy, cheap, homemade Christmas gift idea. Take a Christmas stocking and stuff it will incidentals that most people need, but never buy. For example, nail files; nail polish remover; q-tips; cotton balls; samples of hair shampoo; conditioner; body lotion; shower caps; shower gel; hand creams, etc.

Christmas isn’t about buying the most expensive or nicest gifts. It is the thought that counts.

By Kerry Beck

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