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Since we are in a vacation time, here is some information for those who would like to visit Portugal.

“Portugal is one of the oldest countries in all Europe, where outstanding monuments, castles and churches meet the futuristic new buildings and technologies embraced by this vibrant country.

With traditions and architecture stretching back over the centuries, some say this is one of the most ancient countries in Europe; great! This is the magic of Portugal and along with its climate, it makes this a favourite destination for the discerning tourist.

Lisbon is one of Europe’s most unspoilt cities while the delights of Cascais and Sintra are just a short drive away.
The peace and tranquility of the small villages built inside old castles walls or amidst stunningly picturesque countryside cannot be surpassed.

And don’t forget Madeira, paradise island of the Atlantic where the abundant flora is just as incredible as the stunning coasts and mountains.

But if you’re after a sun-tan, the beautiful and long sandy beaches of the Algarve have it all. Surrounded by amazing cliffs and crystal clear waters, this is the Portuguese region with the best all year round weather.

Places to See
We show you all the places to go, whatever your taste:
Sun • Scenery • Tranquility
We’ve got it covered.

Essential Information
Essential info to help you plan and prepare for your holiday:
Driving • Culture • Language
Also, lots of related material.

Weather & Climate
Check out the current weather in Portugal, and Madeira:
The forecast • satellite images • annual averages
It’s all here. ”

In Portugal Live

Tips on How to save: In the supermarket

1 - Decide previously, how much do you want to spend and take along a calculator machine to control the money.
2 – Make a list of what you need and stick to it.
3 – Take enough time to shop, therefore you can compare products and prices.
4 - Do go to the supermarket on an empty stomach, you will tend to buy more food than you really need.
5 – Look at the leaflets left in mail box. It might worth to drive a bit more and buy a specific product cheaper than usual.
6 – Don't buy everything just in one supermarket. It might save you money to buy fruits and vegetables ou fish and meet in little markets.
7 - Compare the price of a single unit with the price of a package. If it's something that you will need it might be a better deal to buy the large packs.
8 - Use promotions in a smart way. If you don't need, don't buy!
9 – Try the products with no brand. In some cases, they have similar better quality than original products and you may save from 30% up to 50%.
10 – Search for magazines that publish the lists announcing the cheapest supermarket in your country. Savings can be made without traveling great distances.
11 - Avoid buying in service stations. Everything it's too expensive.
12 – If you have the place, try to farm vegetables at home. They are healthier and cheaper.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Are you a facebook user? Do you think it can bring us some advantages? Do you use it to work?
I use for both personal, to connect with my friend, to know the latest trends and what they are up to and use it also in my work. I have a facebook page for my agency and I find it to be a very useful marketing tool. Presently I don't have time to updated as often as I would like but one thing I now, with facebook I can reach lots of people and provide them updated information on last minute deals and packages.
Recently I found another great use of facebook. There is a possibility of buying and send iTunes Online Gifts, and there are plenty of choice for all tastes, they even have an iTune fan page. The not so good part, at least for me, is that it is only available for US users but I'll be patiently waiting for it to arrive in Europe.
Even thought I'm a fan already of the page and if you are a iTune fan you should check it out.

Holiday Season

Now it goes dark earlier and it smells like winter, shops have already Christmas items all over, If it was not for the hot sun during the day we could say that Christmas is knocking on our doors and we mostly realize that in shopping centers or in the evening when the weather stays a bit colder. Holidays season is coming and people start to feel the need to buy weight loss pills because with winter time and holidays pastries and sweets and hot chocolate and season cakes are coming and most people can’t resist it. Today I could not resist and I ate a pastry that I can only find in some places.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Web Hosting

When I first started with blogging I knew nothing about internet pages. I wanted to write, and at first I started with a Portuguese blog, soon enough I realized a Portuguese blog did not reach as many people as I wanted and had some limitations regarding projects I might wanted to explore. After a long time, and after reading a lot of other blogs, I decided I could also use my blog to earn some extra cash. Now I want to have my own domain because some tasks to earn money online are only allowed to people with their own domain and web Hosting. After searching a bit I found out a great site, Web Hosting Geeks, where I have the combined information of the best web hosts. They have links to web host providers and you can choose right from there because you have all the necessary information regarding rates, features, bonus and they even rate all the providers. They have links with several categories of web hosts, like They even have tips on how to find the best web host, web hosting guide, how to make money online with your web host, etc. I think the best is that you can benefit from all the information they gathered only in one site and from there you can make our own decision.

Tips To Lose Weight

Here are 9 tips that you may find helpful in starting your weight loss plan:

1. Keep a detailed list of that you eat. Try to estimate the portion size and amount of calories of what you eat each day. This way you can see how much you are actually eating and more easily see what you can minimize intake of in your meals.

2. Exercise at least 30 minutes every day. Depending on your physical condition, you can start with a brisk walk, and try to walk a little faster and a little further each day.

3. Positive thinking. To stay with your exercise program, try focusing on the positive. Just think about how good you will look and feel when you achived your weight loss goal.

4. Plan your meals on a weekly basis. Planning and having food ready each day is a very effective technique and will make you have a much better chance of sticking to your plan.

5. The recommended amount of water to drink each day is 8 glasses. If you think this is too much, drink whatever you are comfortable with and whatever amount works for you.

6. Take any opportunity to add a little extra exercise into your every day life. For example, if you can take the stairs instead of the elevator, then do it.

7. Find a friend with similar goals as yourself. Sometimes things are easier if you share them with someone else. It can help to keep both of you motivated to stick to your plan.

8. Join a group like weight watchers. Having the reinforcement of the group and knowing you will meet them every week can help keep you motivated.

9. Finally, have realistic goals. Make a achievable plan of how much weight you want to lose and by which date and stick to it!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Nurse’s guide to good living

I’m not a doctor nor a nurse but as I used to work in a medical clinic when I was in university and I feel the need to keep informed about relevant issues to nurses and doctors, so I’m always interested in websites that might help me in that matter, so in one of my searches I found Scrubs, an online magazine for nurses with a lot of helpful information and tips not only for them but also for everyone interested in the variety of great topics they discuss there. It gives good points of view about health, work, money, style, beauty and lots of other topics. An article that I found particularly interesting is related with beauty and how to find ways to look younger, mentioning there some tips like moisturizing the skin, having a good sleep, taking care of our teeth and hair, all cares we should take in consideration not also to look younger but also to be healthier. By reading Scrubs I found myself like if I was reading a good book that I cannot stop until reaching the final.

Another article that I consider especially relevant at this time of the year is “Ten Dos & Don’ts a Travel Nurse Knows”, there you can have tips on how to plan your holiday travel this summer. Also the article of the “Self Tanning DOs and DON'Ts” is excellent to read in the beginning of summer. There you can read how to get the best result when you choose to self tannig and how you should do it not to affect your health.

Besides articles like the ones I referred above the site also offers you their polls where you can give your opinion by voting,
To sum up I can say that Scrubs is an online magazine containing updated and very useful information that everyone should read.


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