Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Job

I started on a new Job. For more than a month now I’ve been having interviews to a job as an inside sales. They requested someone with a license degree in languages, that spoke English and Spanish fliuently, and after four interviews I was the selected one. I had to leave kids before the end of the curricular year. But it was only two weeks before and I had to think in my life. I left all the evaluation prepare and now the substitute teacher don’t have to worry with that and it’s not needed to add some extra content to their learning plan because I left it completed. All it’s left for them now it’s to do some games and fun activities in English. After school it’s over I would be with a job and thought I’ve been teaching It’s been three months, almost four, since I don’t get paid. I been stressing a lot because I don’t have money not even to put petrol in my car. I have my MBA monthly payment and I have house expenses, so I need at least to eat. If it wasn’t for Angel I’ll be starving to dead right now. All the English and Spanish classes I teach are paid from 2 to 5 months after being given and I could not continue like this. Of course teaching I earn 2 times more per hour then I do in a normal job, but teaching I did half of the money I’m going to do now because I had few hours per week and still I needed some extra hours to prepare classes. Well, for now I’ve decided to accept this opportunity and thought it’s much less than a normal wage for someone with a degree I wont be stressing by the end of the month because I don’t have money to pay my bills. I still keep on teaching Spanish for adults two times a week after my job because I really like to teach. In the future I aim to be an University teacher but for now I think I have to accept been an inside sales


Congratulations on your new job. I hope this job will bring you happiness that working would seem like having fun.

Two of my adult children are in jobs they don't want and are just there for the better pay. I told them, that this is too stressful and eventually wouldn't do them any good.

They tell me that they are just building some tenure so they could take this experience as an additional bargaining chip. Oh my, the young today are something else.

Sorry I got carried away.

And so I say stay well and see you again soon.


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