Friday, June 27, 2008

Going on a Diet

Remember some time ago I have decided do go on a diet? I told you that later I would put my diet plan.
I quit with it cause now I don’t even have the time to eat properly. With my new job I don’t have lunch at home and has I don’t have a proper lunch I spend all the afternoon eating all kind of stuff. I try to eat mostly fruit but that doesn’t fills me.
Though, and as I lost some weight here it is the diet I did for a bit more than one week.

I cut with all food with sugars. No sweats
No potatoes, rice or pasta whatsoever.
No juices.
Lots of vegetables and fruits
Try to avoid red meat instead I eat chicken or turkey meat.

Basically my diet was like this:

I cup of lower fat milk
An expresso coffee

Middle morning:
Some tea
A piece of fruit and a lower fat yogurt

Lots of vegetables or salad with chicken or turkey

Two pieces of the some fruit (we should not eat different fruits together cause it contains o lot of natural sugars)
And/ or a lower fat yogurt

Late afternoon:
Small goat cheese

A plate of soup with lots of vegetables
A piece of fruit

Before going to bed:
A cup of lower fat milk or Hot tea

I drunk a lot of water and teas
This was my diet that made me loose 4 kilos in a week.


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