Friday, June 12, 2009

The Nurse’s guide to good living

I’m not a doctor nor a nurse but as I used to work in a medical clinic when I was in university and I feel the need to keep informed about relevant issues to nurses and doctors, so I’m always interested in websites that might help me in that matter, so in one of my searches I found Scrubs, an online magazine for nurses with a lot of helpful information and tips not only for them but also for everyone interested in the variety of great topics they discuss there. It gives good points of view about health, work, money, style, beauty and lots of other topics. An article that I found particularly interesting is related with beauty and how to find ways to look younger, mentioning there some tips like moisturizing the skin, having a good sleep, taking care of our teeth and hair, all cares we should take in consideration not also to look younger but also to be healthier. By reading Scrubs I found myself like if I was reading a good book that I cannot stop until reaching the final.

Another article that I consider especially relevant at this time of the year is “Ten Dos & Don’ts a Travel Nurse Knows”, there you can have tips on how to plan your holiday travel this summer. Also the article of the “Self Tanning DOs and DON'Ts” is excellent to read in the beginning of summer. There you can read how to get the best result when you choose to self tannig and how you should do it not to affect your health.

Besides articles like the ones I referred above the site also offers you their polls where you can give your opinion by voting,
To sum up I can say that Scrubs is an online magazine containing updated and very useful information that everyone should read.


Sensory Marketing

The impact of globalization, technological innovations, markets connections and the constant changes processes highlight the challenges of daily business. In this context, establish a emotional connection is an important strategic element of marketing, in order to gain and maintain relationships between organizations and their customers (Gomes and Abi-Saber 2008). The importance lies in the possibility of the company differentiate itself in a situation as competitiveness. Realizing that, organizations are trying to act in the emotions sphere, hoping to create a unique bond with the consumer (McKinley 2009). To do so, according to Schmitt and Simonson (1998), called the Sensory Marketing, instead of using strategies that explore the logical and rational dimensions of the product (features, quality and price), aims to entice consumers. It aims the production of messages that reach the right hemisphere of the human brain (emotion), as opposed to messages that affect the left hemisphere (right).

According to Sanches (2002), a while ago, all the sale calls made use of vision as the sense employed by marketing strategists. This preference is justified by the fact that over 70% of human perception is based on the vision. It is no coincidence they use colors as an important choice, as well as lighting and arrangement of the shelves. The first evaluation of the place of sale is made by the eyes, the appearance is determinant when deciding what to buy. However, human beings have four other senses that can be as efficient as calling the customer through the eyes.

Pictures, sounds, smells, tastes and all experiences not only do they stimulate the senses, but also strong memories. Appeal to the 5 senses allows the construction of a “personality” for each brand, able to not only provide comfort, but to make consumers remember a shop, even when away from her!

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