Monday, July 28, 2008

Last Minute Vacation

A lastminute is a product of last minute, that is, a product whose date of departure is close to their date of purchase. In general, the lastminute products, which have validity date of only 15 days after the date of its offer on the site.

Uncheck all meetings the next day and be alert to deals of last-minute trips and exclusive. You may have to make the bags to take the last seats on a flight to the Red Sea, diving in the Caribbean or even depart to Brazil.

The trip in Europe that are bought almost the same day are cheaper! Offered by travel agents, this is a kind of package tour that has generally lower price when purchased a few days before the flight, with the goal of reducing the number of empty seats on the plane.
You just need to check on a last minute agency. The difference is that in those places you have to board in less than 48 hours, see: - Good for packages and last-minute flights

How about doing an escape of one week in paradisiacal beach of Pipa in northeastern Brazil by ... 400 euro? Or go to Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic on an "all inclusive" at a price at around 600 euros? Yes, it is possible. But only for those being attentive to the shop windows of travel agents and is willing to leave on vacation the following day. The "last minute" is a modality that is permanently installed in the market and that tour operators make frequently

Unfortunately these two sites I mentioned are not in Portuguese and do not have any Portuguese airport as a departure city so us Portuguese Travelers still have to rely on travel agencies, all of them have last minute offers but few of them with internet based buy.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Algarve Car Hire Service

The university where I’m attending my MBA is in Algarve, and my specialization is in touristic organizations, therefore and though I’m not living in Algarve I listen, in a lot of classes, issues related to Algarve tourism. So I’ve decided to share a car hire service
for those who intend to visit Algarve.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pasteis de Nata - Portuguese Cream Cake

Great Portuguese speciality - you slhould try

In 1837, in Belém (a place by the tagus river in Lisbon) , near the Jerónimos Monastery (a Portuguese famous monastery), in an attempt to subsistence, the clergy of the monastery put some cake cream for sale in a pastry.
At that time, the area of Belém was far from the city, and its access was provided by the steam boats. The presence of Jerónimos Monastery and the Tower of Belem attracted many tourists that quickly get used to “pasteis de belém” the traditional Portuguese cream cake.

The recipe was passed exclusively to known pastry masters who produced them in secrecy, and it remains like that until present day.
Despite being a Portuguese sweet, cream cake is also quite common in Brazil, with a sweet marketed by the network of fast-food Habib's, and they could be found in many bakeries and pastries in some parts of the country, especially in the city of Pelotas, well known for its sweet of Portuguese origin.
The pastels of Belém represented Portugal in the initiative of cultural Coffee Europe, the Day of Europe in 2006 during the Austrian presidency of the European Union.


I’ve been trying to decorate my home. It’s brand new and I have only the essential furniture.
Since the beginning my idea was to have there some walls with wallpaper. The room I really wanted was my bedroom. I have a dark red wall and I have another wall by the entrance I would like to use black wall paper with glittering. I saw it once in a decoration store but I didn’t see how much it was because, by then, I still haven’t any ideas for my decoration. I’ve been searching in the net and I found that similar wall paper but without the glitter are really expensive, So I can’t imagine how much the one I want is. By now a guess I have to postpone my will for a couple of months more. It’s not easy to save money for the decoration while we have all house expenses plus mortgage to pay.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Useful Page 2

This one I should share with you as well. It’s a page related to information on travel and tourism. There you can find a lot of information about places to visit and hotels. It seems a fairly good page.
World Tourism Page

Useful page 1

I've decided I should share interesting pages every time I came across one.
I found this one that is a web page directory and it seems useful for those who are looking for web pages related to particularly issues.
Add Your Website To 100 Web Directories.
Add your website to 100 web directories.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Improve your Page Rank

It’s not the first time I write about this but as I believe it is a topic of interest that might help others as well I’ll write it again. Has I’m trying to improve my page rank in order to have some paid posts I’ve been searching in the net ways on how we can accomplish that.
For those you are having the same problem as me I’ve decided to share a blog that has some very useful tips and ideas, PageRank Guide, take a look and you will see that it explains a lot about Google Page Rank.
I hope it will help me and all of you who are experiencing the same as I.

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