Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blog Update

I’m not updating my blog as I would like because don’t have much time to write lately. I’m in a big stress with work and with school. As I have more than one job I found it difficult to tackle with my time. I think I need a time managing course. Do you know any online?
It’s been three weeks since I’m having my school examination, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before but It having an MBA, so I have to study hard and it’s not an easy job. Besides giving English classes to children I also lecture Spanish Classes to Portuguese Adults. And those three jobs have been keeping me very busy. My examinations ends by the end of June and I can’t wait for it to be gone because I feel really tired of studying. I don’t have proper weekends, also because my examination is at Saturdays, and I don’t have night time because I need to study. The thing that makes me sadder is that I’m living with angel for about two months now and I can’t find the time not to be with him more often neither to enjoy my first times as a couple living together.


Take a deep breath and cool down. As they say chill out :-) Try to relax and perhaps do some mini-meditation. You can do this where ever you are - when you are commuting if you are but if you drive then you can do it when there's traffic. Your mantra could be something like this:

uuuhhmmm I am relaxed uuuuhhmmm I am relaxed. I hope this helps.

Good luck with your exams. I have no doubt you will pass it with flying colors.

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I am honored. And I am doing the same for you. I'd be delighted to say hi from time to time. Don't be compelled to reply, just do it when you are free.


This busy time will pay off in the long run. When I was working on my thesis, I thought I was going crazy. But when I finished, what a relief! Good Luck!

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