Friday, May 23, 2008

Weight loss

I’ve been trying to lose some weight this week. Well, I have a friend’s wedding ceremony and I want to be in shape. The reason is that as I don’t have money to buy new clothe I have to stick with a dress that I used last year in on another friend’s wedding ceremony. My problem is that I was 5 kgs lighter than I am, or then I was. I started to go on a diet this Monday and I’ve decided that I wanted to lose at least 4 kilos. It’s not that I feel that I’m fat, last year I was really skinny, but it’s cheaper to go on a diet then buying a new dress. So my diet is based on a huge reduction on average of inhered calories a day. Instead of the 2500 calories we should eat a day I’m trying to eat only from 100 to 1200 calories. I think I’m managing to do so. I weight myself every day. The first day, from Monday to Tuesday, I loss 1 kg, I was really happy. But the second and the third day I can only lose half kilo each day. In three days I lost 2 kilos. Yesterday I was a bit disappointed but today I must admit that its not bad at all considering I didn’t stop eating, like some people do, but, instead, I’m trying to eat on a healthier way.
I think I’ll keep on doing a healthier diet and I’ll keep you up to dated how I’m I going. I must warn you that Saturday does not count. I’ll try not to abuse and not to eat bad food but I think I’ll eat a sweat or two.
Next week I’ll put you my daily diet.


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