Monday, May 12, 2008

Teaching English for kids

I’ve been teaching English for kids from 8 to 10 years old. It’s not an easy job. They are always talking and have no respect whatsoever for me. I used to be a very nice teacher but with these kids I had to change my technique been not so nice and sometimes I even have to be rude. I thinks it’s worse because they know that English is only to keep them busy and have no effect on the final grade at the end of the year. I certainly tried to have them busy with activities and songs and games but it seems that there is always some of them that are not satisfied and disturb all the class. I have two classes, one really noisy and disturbing and the other not so noise. On the other day on the first class there were 4 children missing, luckily were the ones that have worse behavior and the class went wonderful, I realized from then that we only need one or two disturbing children to incentive all the others to disturb the class. Sometimes I find myself thinking if maybe the problem it at home, maybe they don’t have enough attention at home and need to draw attention in class for the others to notice.


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