Monday, April 28, 2008

Places of the world - Cape Town

Cape town is a set of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and was a Portuguese colony ends in themselves excellent places to rest and relaxation. Here some of the characteristics of this archipelago of islands of Cape Verde. Language The Creole is the language spoken throughout the archipelago, but the Portuguese is the official language. In urban centers and major tourist attractions of the country English, French, Spanish and Italian are reasonably understood by the population. Lodging There are several options, from pensions, Residential home, Bungalows, Apart hotels until Hotels. All the islands have the infrastructure for hosting tourists. Some lodging accept the major international credit cards, despite the use of cards is not widespread in the country. The currency remains the choice of most tourists which does not exclude the use of travelers - checks. As for electricity, is 220 V and the EU are taken. Currency exchange and The currency is the Cape Town escudo. The exchange can be made at any branch or at home exchange. Some hotels also make the exchange of currencies. The Cape Town escudo have an agreement on parity with the Euro, so the price is fixed: 1 Euro = 110,265 CVD - 1 USD (Average) = 82,906 CVD (Source: BCV - 07/12/04) Hospitals and Pharmacies In Cape Town can find posts Health and Health Centers of easy access in case of need, and hospitals in major urban centers. There are also Pharmacy and positions of selling of medicines in all counties. Music The Cape town people translate their rhythms and dances throughout the joy, liveliness, roots and, finally, the culture of its people. These are songs to be sung and heard in groups because they need to be danced , they are not individualistic as western music, on the contrary, ask company. Audio: Morna, Coladeira, Sanjon-Cola, Batuque, Funaná, Mazurca Cooking in Cape Verde Tuna, Catchupa, Pontche, Funguim, Fedjoce, Biscuit, Cape Verde, etc..


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