Saturday, April 26, 2008

Places of the World - Huaraz Perú

Huaraz Perú

Huaraz is a city of Peru, capital of Ancash department and the province of Huaraz, as well as headquarters of the Regional Government of Ancash. The city is located in the central highlands, south-east of the center of the department of Ancash, in the Santa River valley, known as "Callejon de Huaylas." Huaraz now has modern buildings, broad avenues and at different points in their Outskirts rise attractive estates Their traditional neighborhoods Centennial, Bethlehem, La Soledad, San Francisco and Huarupampa have not abandoned their original charms and attractions. It is a tourist destination for sports adventure in the mountains. It is also known as "the very noble and generous city" designation dating from the era of struggle for independence from Peru. Main attractions: -- The lagoon Yanganuco - Regional Museum of Huaraz: Located in the Plaza de Armas, is the largest museum of Lithics americas, home to more than 1000 pieces between monoliths, ceramics, fabrics, weapons and utensils of various pre-Hispanic cultures. - Viewpoint: Located next to the Cruz de Rataquenua allows tourists to observe the city in all its magnitude. Jiron-Jose Olaya: It's a street a few blocks away, typical of colonial architecture, and the only one that resisted the earthquake of 1970. is held in the District of Solitude and there appreciate the traditional characteristics of Huaraz. - Archeological Remains of Wilcahuain: 6 Km. the city is a temple stone platforms with overlapping, is divided into three floors of influence WARI. - Baths of Monterrico: From the town of Huaraz to 7 miles down the road we reach this central comfortable and elegant infrastructure, its attractiveness is a source thermo-medicinal waters, with single and two-man pools, pools for adults and children. With regard to its infrastructure for tourism, Huaraz has hotels, inns, lodging houses and restaurants category, travel agencies and tourism, mountaineering clubs, discos and all facilities essential for a pleasant stay.


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