Saturday, April 26, 2008

Teaching... not an easy task

I've noticed over the past few weeks that the children at school are a bit - well - horrid. Yes, I believe that would be the correct term. They are just very rowdy - which makes it very difficult to teach a lesson. I believe it's the old "testing the new teacher" thing which all students feel obligated to embark upon when school starts. One boy actually said to me today during class "Miss, we thought you were leaving." I said "Leaving for where?" "Leaving school because you couldn't handle us."Excuse me?I informed the little angels that I wasn't going anywhere. And despite how they were taught in previous years, I am their teacher now. They need to trust me and cooperate and we will have a fun, productive class. There's no reason why we both can't get what we want.Of course - my ideas sound great, but will they actually work.I think I need to re-read The Secret - a spiritual lift is in order.


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