Friday, February 1, 2008

Define Tourism

According to the World Tourism Organization tourism is the deplacment of people from one place far from home and staying, at least, one night off.
I’ve always been fond of tourism and for me tourism is much more then that:
Is enterntainent, leasure, activies, but above all is self care and well being. I consider all that mentioned above to of crucial importance in noadays stressed life. It’s good to relax and to put problems behind the back.
Folowing this speech I’ve decided to have some formation in Tourist area, therefore I’m atteng a MBA in Tourism and I’m loving it.
The worse part is lots of group work to do, lots of reading and lots os self studing. But I think it’s worthing it.
Now I’m planning on giving my first step on that area but it’s not easy because requires a thing I don’t have… money. But I won’t give up and I’ll fight hard to achive my goals.


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