Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Spanish Language

As you all know Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. There are 22 Spanish speaking countries. For those of you who don’t know Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language next to English and Chinese. For that reason more and more people are willing to learn Spanish. Lots of Companies Worldwide are already requesting Spanish language skills workers and I believe it tends to grow.

Portugal isn’t different. We are just one step away from Spain but most people don’t speak the proper Spanish. They speak, the so called by the Portuguese people, “Portunhol” meaning this a mix between Portuguese and Spanish.

Spanish is a Latin Language and therefore similar to Portuguese. At least the grammar and sentence construction, for that reason it is still common in Portugal for people to think that they can speak fairly Spanish without learning. But that mentality is changing and nowadays they are more people trying to learn the correct Spanish.

For that reason I was contacted, as I learned Spanish in University, to teach the language 6 hours a week to some students. I’m not going to make much money but I’ll do a think I like

I think if we look at the numbers by itself it makes Spanish a good choice when wanting to learn another language. And you have plenty of reasons to do so. Through my understanding it is always good to learn another language as we start to have a better understanding of our own language (we have to understand our native in order to understand a foreign one) and also we can travel to others countries not worrying they will not understand us. You will enrich your culture, because by knowing their language you have to learn as well their culture. And so on…

I’ll leave a tip for those of you who might want to learn Spanish… There are plenty of Online Spanish courses for free. And if you need a help just let me know.


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