Friday, February 29, 2008

City Branding... Is it Tourism?

In a global village, cities and territories tend to be increasingly undifferentiated among themselves, whether in economic, social or cultural issues. So what can distinguish of each one? That work can and should be done to attract investment, residents, tourists? Cities must be perceived and worked as if a brand was involved. But not depend only upon a symbol, a logo or a picture. They have to represent much more. A city is a unique product in conjunction with a variety of services and offers, given the history and unique characteristics that make it unparalleled. Conquering a reputation that should be based on positive concepts, attractiveness, uniqueness, sustainability and relevance to different types of audiences. It is betting on the differentiation of such distinctive elements that a city can win the challenges of competitiveness and reputation. Ultimately, the decision to do business, live or simply visit a city, depends largely on the image that is built around it


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