Monday, November 12, 2007


Today I decided to talk a little bit about my chosen name for my blog. SunSet.

The part of the day I like the most always was the late afternoon when the sun is setting, but is not only that the reason why I choose my name.

A couple of years ago I attended a sign language course for some months and I learned how to speak with signs. Through that I had a lot of contact with the deaf and heard of hearing and they need to call you some how,. They have to options: the first, they can spell you name with the sign alphabet, or they can give you a sign name according to what they think it suits you best. As it takes less time to have a sign name it is common between the deaf and hard of hearing community to (kind of) baptise the ones that spend some time with them. So my teacher and my course colleagues where searching a name that might translate into sign language a characteristic of my personality. They came to the name SUN because I always wear something glittering or shinny like the sun. Therefore combining my sign name with my liking of late afternoon I decided to name myself as Sunset.


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