Thursday, September 18, 2008

Need help with your website design?

When I first started blogging I knew nothing about Website Design or html codes or anything for that matter. I had to search in the net for tips and I asked some help from others that where in the blogging world longer than me and I searched in communities and forums. Now, although I’m not an expert, I know a bit more about web design and I already have another blog with my own host and domain.
Recently I found a great website that teaches us all we need to know. For those of you who are beginners I advise you to visit the site The greatest thing about this site is that they do not only teach you, they show you all that you need to know about it, they have the most comprehensive video tutorial to show people how to built a web site. And you know what people say: “the best way to learn is by example”. I totally agree with them.
I wish I could have found it when I first started with my blog. They are exactly what I was looking for.



Great post. I love using Photoshop. It is the most complete graphic software out there.

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