Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Autumn is almost here

We are still in the beginning of September but the weather already tastes to Autumn!

The morning and evening temperatures are dropping a lot, almost like in winter time, the rain is threatening to fall and the days are a lot shorter… climate is changing and with it changes the mood of people.

I like autumn maybe because it’s the beginning of a new season, new clothes, new things to do, but although I like it I know that sometimes my mood is going down. Like with so many other people the mood it’s a reflect of the weather, if it is grey we are sadder, if it is bright we are cheerful. But I must confess that the greatest about it are those days when the sun almost looks like fire and the golden red leaves all over the trees, mixed with the brown orange all over the still green grass floor with a blue sky background… it’s a great and beautiful image.

Let the autumn begin and let’s hope that it can bring us a lot of new things.


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