Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tips on How to save: In the supermarket

1 - Decide previously, how much do you want to spend and take along a calculator machine to control the money.
2 – Make a list of what you need and stick to it.
3 – Take enough time to shop, therefore you can compare products and prices.
4 - Do go to the supermarket on an empty stomach, you will tend to buy more food than you really need.
5 – Look at the leaflets left in mail box. It might worth to drive a bit more and buy a specific product cheaper than usual.
6 – Don't buy everything just in one supermarket. It might save you money to buy fruits and vegetables ou fish and meet in little markets.
7 - Compare the price of a single unit with the price of a package. If it's something that you will need it might be a better deal to buy the large packs.
8 - Use promotions in a smart way. If you don't need, don't buy!
9 – Try the products with no brand. In some cases, they have similar better quality than original products and you may save from 30% up to 50%.
10 – Search for magazines that publish the lists announcing the cheapest supermarket in your country. Savings can be made without traveling great distances.
11 - Avoid buying in service stations. Everything it's too expensive.
12 – If you have the place, try to farm vegetables at home. They are healthier and cheaper.

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