Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Being unemployed is really getting me down from day to day. Although I have my inscription in the job center they don’t have many offers for all unemployed people. Last week I was called to the unemployed office to have a workshop, with several other people with a license degree, on how to search jobs online, mainly in the EURES Portal. We also focused other things like “a good posture in a job interview” but the core issue of the workshop was to motivate us to search European and Worldwide jobs. It’s no use to say that, although I knew the Eures Portal already, when I got home I went to the net to search job related sites worldwide and I found an one with several interesting articles for those unemployed looking for a new job. They have articles with tips to maximize a job search, they have job board blogs in their links, articles to help professionals taking more advantages on their careers and they even show the unemployment rate and other statistics on their site. For those who might need the site name is Employment Metrix. It’s good to have access to this information in order to gain some motivation to keep searching for a job that suits us. It’s a shame that the unemployment office is not doing this as often as it should but they deserve a credit for starting with this kind of workshops.


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