Monday, July 28, 2008

Last Minute Vacation

A lastminute is a product of last minute, that is, a product whose date of departure is close to their date of purchase. In general, the lastminute products, which have validity date of only 15 days after the date of its offer on the site.

Uncheck all meetings the next day and be alert to deals of last-minute trips and exclusive. You may have to make the bags to take the last seats on a flight to the Red Sea, diving in the Caribbean or even depart to Brazil.

The trip in Europe that are bought almost the same day are cheaper! Offered by travel agents, this is a kind of package tour that has generally lower price when purchased a few days before the flight, with the goal of reducing the number of empty seats on the plane.
You just need to check on a last minute agency. The difference is that in those places you have to board in less than 48 hours, see: - Good for packages and last-minute flights

How about doing an escape of one week in paradisiacal beach of Pipa in northeastern Brazil by ... 400 euro? Or go to Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic on an "all inclusive" at a price at around 600 euros? Yes, it is possible. But only for those being attentive to the shop windows of travel agents and is willing to leave on vacation the following day. The "last minute" is a modality that is permanently installed in the market and that tour operators make frequently

Unfortunately these two sites I mentioned are not in Portuguese and do not have any Portuguese airport as a departure city so us Portuguese Travelers still have to rely on travel agencies, all of them have last minute offers but few of them with internet based buy.


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