Wednesday, March 5, 2008


In the last decades, there are more and more people suffering from stress. The sudden changes in lifestyle and exposure to an environment increasingly complicated lead us to feel a certain kind of anguish. We feel unprotected and involved in traumatic situations, our defence mechanisms are not to respond in an effective way, thus increasing the possibility to suffer from diseases, particularly cardiovascular of the forum.

Here are some suggestions to avoid stress
Learn and practice a technique for relaxation, to free your mind of negative thoughts and disorders that will break the vicious circle of stress;
Move away from distressing situations or conflicting;
Turn the sessions of relaxation and stretching muscle in a daily habit;
Avoid to take problems related to work home; Ask for your family support, but do not involve them in the problems;
Try to allocate your time in a balanced manner between work, leisure and family;
Walk a little before you go home;
Go to libraries or museums;
Have a relaxing drink, for example a hot or cold tea;


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